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10 Tips before renting a car

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10 sfaturi inainte de a inchiria masina

10 tips before renting a car for your trip and to turn your vacation or trip into a pleasant experience. The most important reason to rent a car is not only that it gives you more autonomy at the destination, but also that it allows you to plan your trip, to change your plans whenever necessary, adapting the trip to your needs and not the other way around .

What are these 10 tips?

1. Choosing a car rental company

The choice of car will depend on whether you are planning a short or long trip. Internationally renowned car rental companies are ideal if your trip involves several international destinations. That is, if you have planned to cross several countries or continents. Local companies, such as Win & Win Car Rental Cluj, are the most used and recommended by those who already know the area.

2. Choose the rental car that suits you

Something very common when looking for car rental services is to look only at the price. The price is very important, and when you have several offers on the table, you tend to choose the cheapest one. Or maybe choose a rental car that you’ve always dreamed of driving. Any option mentioned above is wrong. The rented car should offer you a trip in which you feel comfortable.

10 tips before renting a car. Rent a Car Cluj Tips

3. Pay special attention to the fuel policy

You will consume fuel throughout the journey, but you cannot know how much. So they must first analyze the rental conditions. If you will return the tank full or not, if you will find it full or not, etc.

4. When to rent a car?

Rental cars are normally located at the airport and other places where passengers arrive. Whenever possible, rent a car in advance. It is important to have time to read all the conditions and probably get a better price.

5. The rental and pick-up locations, as well as where to return the vehicle

Mai important decat locul unde vei calatorii, trebuie sa te gandesti de unde trebuie sa ridici masina si unde sa o predai. Firma pe care ai ales-o trebuie sa aiba puncte de predare si preluare in locatiile respective.

6. Insurance

Insurance is the eternal companion of the trip, because unpleasant things can happen. It is best not to think of her as an enemy or that she would make the trip more expensive. Any inconvenience in your plans, maybe even a minor problem, can be solved with insurance.

7. Are there additional fees for renting the vehicle?

Some companies include additional fees that can be an unpleasant surprise that you did not take into account when renting. Check the contract or offer closely, to prevent the fine print from giving you a surprise.

8. Look for Car rental services with free cancellation

A form of insurance against losing money is free cancellation. If any reason prevents us from renting the car, free cancellation is welcome.

9. take advantage of rental offers for longer periods

The car and the car rental company must be adapted to your needs. There are many companies that offer special prices for those who travel for a long period of time. The long-term rental option will definitely improve the price.

10. Take advantage of the special offers for car rentals

You should always take advantage of special offers. Companies that want to rent all their vehicles offer them to their customers at the best prices. Win & Win Car Rental provides you with a phone number to find out the current offers: +40 744 263 568.