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Rental Conditions

Necessary documents for the conclusion of the rental contract

The most important thing to keep in mind when you want to rent a car is that you must have all the necessary documents with you to draw up the rental agreement.
The rental contract will be drawn up only on the basis of physical documents, and expired or provisional permits will not be accepted.

Valid driving licence/ valid international driving licence.

Identity Card or Passport.

Payment methods

The consideration of the rental contract can be paid by:

Cash payment: when taking over the car. RON, EURO, USD or other convertible currencies at the BNR exchange rate on the day of payment.

Payment by credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American express.

The customer has the obligation

To be between 21 and 70 years old;

Have a driver’s license valid for at least 1 year;

Notify Win Rent a Car about the flight schedule (possible delays);

To respect all traffic rules in force both on the territory of Romania and outside the country;

The customer undertakes not to drive outside the borders and territory of Romania, without the prior written consent of the company;

Not to drive the car under the influence of alcoholic beverages or other substances prohibited by law;

Notify the Win Rent a Car Cluj company if the rented vehicle has technical problems;

Not to carry out work on the rented vehicles without the prior consent of Win & Win Car Rental;

Not to allow the vehicle to be overloaded (number of seats or weight) beyond the maximum limits allowed in the vehicle’s identity card;

Not to carry passengers for money or other material rewards;

Not push or tow any vehicle, trailer or other objects;

Transport small pets only in special cages. The transport of large animals is prohibited;

The customer cannot under any circumstances sell, rent or guarantee the car. He is prohibited from using the car for illicit/illegal purposes, such as smuggling, illegal transportation of articles or goods, theft, etc.;

In the event of an accident caused by the customer and in which the vehicle is damaged, the customer undertakes to return the vehicle to the Win & Win Car Rental headquarters.

Do not allow the degradation or destruction of the tires, as they are not insured.

Not to participate with the vehicle in motoring competitions and other tests;

Do not leave the vehicle with the keys in the ignition or with the doors/windows/trunk open;

To drive the vehicle only on public roads (national and county), being absolutely forbidden to travel on forest roads or roads that do not appear on the official map, otherwise he will fully bear the damages caused to the rented vehicle;

To pay all fines and penalties received during the rental contract;

Not to smoke inside the vehicle;

To return the documents, car keys and other accessories in the same conditions in which they were handed over to him. The damage, destruction or disappearance of any of the above-mentioned things obliges the customer to bear the expenses necessary to recover them;

Not to use the vehicle for taxi, alternative transport – ridesharing (e.g. Uber, Bolt, Bla Bla Car, etc.), driving school, pushing or towing activities, training, competitions, for the purpose of transporting dangerous substances or illegal activities, which they can damage the condition of the vehicle, as well as not give it any other destination, other than for the transport of people under rental regime. If the rented car is impounded or destroyed/damaged by the authorities or the customer, as a result of its use for obtaining undue benefits from the transport of prohibited objects or substances, the customer is liable for the full value of the vehicle.

Win & Win Car Rental has the obligation

  1. To hand over the rented car clean, washed and disinfected (according to the sanitary measures in force – Covid 19)

2. To provide the client with all the necessary documents (RCA, Rovinieta, Periodic Technical Inspection) valid and the mandatory taxes, paid, in the territory of Romania, in the car rental price.

3. Win & Win Car Rental is obliged to replace a car that breaks down as soon as possible from the moment the company is notified.

Rates – Guarantee

The rates can change depending on the number of days for which you want to rent a car.

Rates may differ depending on the kilometers traveled, the rental period.

The guarantee for each vehicle rented on the territory of Romania from the Win & Win Car Rental company starts from 100 Euro, an amount that is returned at the time of handover, if the contractual terms and conditions are respected.

The warranty varies depending on the age of the customer and the type of vehicle chosen.

Payment and guarantee are made in full upon signing the rental agreement.

All prices shown include VAT.

The fee for additional drivers will be 70 RON/user.

At the time of handing over the vehicle by the customer, if traces, deterioration or the smell of cigarette smoke are found in the car, the customer will be asked to pay an additional fee of 250 RON.

Warranty Exclusions

The customer becomes responsible and liable for the repair and payment of collateral damages in the following situations:

non-compliance with the obligations set forth in the “Customer Obligations” section;

if the customer has fueled the car with fuel other than that indicated by the manufacturer (noted in the registration certificate), this fact entails the customer’s obligation to fully bear the cost of towing, repair, appropriate refueling and the period while the car is immobilized in service due to damage caused.

loss or damage to the documents of the rented vehicle, keys or accessories;

damage to the passenger compartment: excessive dirt, staining or damage to the seats;

damage to the lower part and implicitly to the subassemblies of the vehicle, representing the elements under the car: shield, drum, oil pan, etc.;

refueling with fuel other than that provided for in the vehicle’s identity card;

damage to rims, caps or tires;

partial or total damage caused as a result of smoking inside the vehicle or while it is near flammable environments.


All rented cars benefit from Mandatory Car Insurance and Rovinieta. They are valid only on the territory of Romania.

No compensation will be provided if:

The vehicle will be damaged due to a deliberate or negligent action;

The vehicle will be damaged as a result of deliberate accidents and those caused by driving under the influence of alcoholic beverages or other substances that reduce the ability to drive;

Damages will occur as a result of accidents in which the vehicle was used in motoring competitions, taximetry, ridesharing;

If at the time of the accident followed by damages, at the wheel of the car is a person other than one of those mentioned in the contract (if the car is driven by people for whom the company has not given its consent);

Handing over and Picking up the car

The rented vehicle is handed over and picked up clean and with the amount of fuel that was in the tank at the time of signing the rental contract (the fuel level is noted in the rental contract).

If for some reason you are unable to return the rented car clean, a washing fee equivalent to 50 RON will be charged.

If, upon return, the vehicle requires more than the standard washing procedure to restore it to its pre-rental state, the customer agrees to pay an additional fee of 250 RON.

Delivery-Pick-up of the vehicle is done throughout the Cluj-Napoca Municipality free of charge during working hours (08:00 – 20:00). Outside the program, an additional fee of 50 RON will be charged.

In order to take over the rental car in the best possible conditions, the customer is asked to contact the Win & Win Car Rental company at least 2 hours before handing over the car. If the drop-off is between 01:00 and 08:00, please contact us the day before.

At a delay of more than 3 (three) hours compared to the time specified for the return of the rented car, Win & Win Car Rental reserves the right to inform the Police about the theft of the rented car, unless the CLIENT notifies Win & Win Car Rental about his desire to extend the rental period.

The first hour behind the return time is free. Delays of more than 2 hours are penalized with the equivalent of a new rental day.

When taking over the rented car, the customer has the possibility to request a child seat starting from the age of one year up to 7 years.

The Win & Win Car Rental company cannot be held responsible for any items left in the vehicle by the customer and which were not identified when taking over the rented vehicle.

Accidents, damage, theft

The customer agrees to protect the interests of the owner and his insurance company in case of accident, theft or damage to the vehicle by:

Obtaining the names and addresses of the parties involved and witnesses.

Not abandoning the vehicle without taking the necessary measures for its protection.

Notification of the Win & Win Car Rental company by phone, within 1 hour of any incident.

Documents to be obtained in case of accident, damage or theft:

The Police report with the signature of the officer who drew up the report and the stamp of the police station (mandatory, specifying the driving or not under the influence of alcohol) or the second appendix for the insurance company with the signature of the officer who drew up the document and the stamp of the police station.

The Repair Authorization with the signature of the officer who drew up the document and the stamp of the police station.

Without the presentation of the above documents, or if the customer has violated Romanian laws or the Romanian traffic code or any of the points of the rental agreement, the customer remains responsible for all damages, costs and losses caused to the Win & Win Car Rental company.

If the damage has an unknown author, the customer has the obligation to obtain, before returning the car, the Repair Authorization from the Police Bodies.

In case of an accident in which an animal was hit, the customer has the obligation to notify the Police Authorities as soon as the accident occurred.

In all the cases described above, the customer has the obligation to verify the correct completion of both the Amicable Finding and the Repair Authorization and the Verbal Process issued by the Police Bodies.

In case of damage, the customer is responsible for the entire value of repairs, immobilization costs and costs generated by the lack of use of the rented vehicle.

Termination of the contract:

Upon expiry of the rental contract, if the parties do not decide to extend it;

By written agreement of the parties, before the deadline.

Any dispute arising from this contract or in connection with it, including its validity, interpretation, execution or termination, will be settled in advance amicably and, otherwise, by the courts within the municipality of Cluj-Napoca.